I have done many things with my career all of them centered around people, education, design, and management.

Science and Resource Management Building for the Grand Canyon Nation Park  (Certified LEED platinum)

I became a LEED advanced professional after the completion of this building.

This building has many advanced building technologies including;

PV Panels - Light Shelves - Solar Tubes - LED Lighting - Grey Water Recycling - Rain Water Catchment - Solar Hot Water System - Advanced Insulation - HVAC Economizer and Fresh Air Delivery - Certified Sustainable Lumber

Mountain Vista Condominiums at Pine Canyon Golf Club

During my time as a Construction Manager and then Project Manager I was part of an amazing team where over 60 million dollars worth of residential product was build and sold.  The product constructed under my watch was 38 Creekside Cottages, 26 Elk Pass Townhomes, 12 Mountain Vista Condos, 3 Custom Homes and 2 Deer Creek Cabins.

Pine Canyon web site

Elk Pass Townhomes at Pine Canyon Golf Club

Client care and quality were always the main focus of our building products.  Allowing for customizing of all the products meant plan and construction management rose to a higher then normal level.  Five star expectations elevated our commitment from pre-design to final client presentation.

Pine Canyon web site

Architectural & Civil Design Consultant

For many years of my career I have consulted for architects, engineers, developers, designers and contractors.  I have provided plans, models, renderings and reports.  The projects have involved;

Public Improvements - Private Improvements - Subdivisions - Roadway Design - Sewerline Design - Waterline Design - Residential Building - Commercial Building


For a few years as a side entrepreneurial venture I manufactured and sold solar cooking protects.  Educating people about solar was a large part of the venture.

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